Excellent energy efficiency

The company Trüb Emulsions Chemie AG promotes active climate protection!

The certificate confirms our efforts for a better energy efficiency. 
In this way we contribute to a healthier environment and a more sustainable future for our country.

We are committed to our planet.


(October 2020)



With pleasure, not to say with proudness we announce that Trüb Emulsions Chemie AG is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015. We are committed to providing the highest quality product development and quality management system in a manner that consistently exceeds our clients' expectations for performance, value, schedule and quality. We constantly strive to analyze and improve our processes to meet the current and future needs of our clients.

Certificates (PDF-Download in German): 




It is with great pleasure that we can announce today, following a successful commissioning, that the construction and installation work on our extensions has been completed. With an investment volume of 8.5 million Swiss Francs, our entire facility is now equipped with 4 additional reactors and 24 additional storage tanks. Expressed in figures, this means an:

  •  additional production volume for acrylic dispersions of 12'000 to/a. 
  •  additional production volume for secondary dispersions of 7'000 to/a.
  •  additional storage capacity for solids of 700 to.
  •  additional storage capacity for acrylic monomers of 750 to.
  •  additional storage capacity for paraffin of 120 to
  •  additional storage capacity for finished products of 500 to.



  • Due to the new buildings and streets, we concreted over a piece of nature: 
    In order to give something back to the displaced nature, we have converted an area of 2'500 m2 into a biodiversity area and preserved it. By planting 19 trees and taking various measures, we have created a high-quality habitat for insects, reptiles and plants.


  • Our entire hazardous goods and paraffin tank farm are located underground in passable basements. Unlike typical underground tanks, our installation is always accessible for maintenance and inspection. The enclosed building shell protects the environment and, above all, the groundwater against pollution.


  • We would like to highlight the fact that the entire project followed a strict business continuity management plan. Due to the independent handling of the energy, water and air supply, we are 100% redundant. For the first time, we can guarantee our customers the production of our entire product portfolio in two completely independent production facilities. Even the warehouses are redundant and housed in separate buildings. The decentralization of warehousing, production and infrastructure has reduced the risk of total failure to a minimum.


  • There is also a new climate-controlled quality-laboratory with an area of 120 m2. The new laboratory is equipped with all necessary measuring instruments and other devices, allowing us to ensure the quality control of our products under defined conditions.


  • Introduction of a paperless production: As part of our expansion, we have also modernized and improved our IT infrastructure. From now on, our production staff will receive all relevant information, such as production, delivery and pick-up orders, as well as the manufacturing records and formulas, in digital form on their PDA. This information, as it is encrypted and personalized, is thus protected against unauthorized access, another important step to protect our know-how and optimize our processes.


We are looking forward to collaborating with you!


(September 2019)



We are pleased to announce that we have received the “Platinum Recognition Level” certificate from EcoVadis for our commitment to sustainability. We are happy to see that our sustainable corporate philosophy got officially confirmed.

Platinum Medal_EcoVadis

The certification will be renewed every year.
The current one you can find here:



Premium Primers as a next level for high performance

Premium primers for high performance

 These primers are intended for aluminum foils with following properties

  • water-born
  • heat press resistance
  • printability
  • sterilization and many more unique characteristics

For more deailed information, please take a quick glance at our overview data sheet. In case you are interested, you are welcome to contact us and we help you to find your primer for your needs. 


EKS-Natural Power-Certification

Since the founding of Trüb Emulsions Chemie AG we rely on innovative ecological production of water-based dispersions and emulsions. Consistently our solvent is water and for this reason we suit forcefully the action to the word: We proudly present that since the year 2013 we consumpt the electricity exclusively from hydropower!

Current certificate (PDF-Download in german):


Styrene- and mineral oil-free wet lamination adhesive

Styrene- and mineral oil-free wet lamination adhesive

One of our latest innovations is TECSEAL AL-500. This styrene-free and mineral oil-free wet lamination adhesive (water-based like the entire TEC line!) is an outstanding alternative to the familiar systems based on SBR latex that have been around for years. TECSEAL AL-500 is characterized by the following properties in particular:

  • Contains no styrene or mineral oil
  • Low migration
  • Strong bond – fiber tearing occurs in paper/aluminum bonds
  • Very good processability even at relatively high coating speeds
  • Very good levelling properties

For more information, please go to: TECSEAL AL-500


Block polymer dispersions

Trüb Emulsions Chemie AG is the first company to be successful in dispersing block polymers such as SIS, SBS and SEBS in water. The use of solvents in common processes is consequently no longer necessary. If you would like information on these products, please contact us.


Thickener for direct contact with food

Time and time again we are confronted with the use of thickeners for direct contact with food.  For this reason we have developed a highly effective thickening and thixotropic agent for ethylene-(meth)acrylic acid copolymer dispersions. “Thickener A” fulfils all the current requirements for contact with food.


Heat-resistant primer for aluminum - up to 300 ° C!

New in the range is a high-temperature-resistant primer for aluminium foils. This acrylic primer possesses a very good block resistance and is heat resistant up to 300° C – without discolouration! For further details or in case of questions, please contact us.


Representative office in China

A success message, which pleases us much: Trüb Emulsions Chemistry AG is from now on officially represented in China by our sales partner Melchers (H.K.) Ltd. Locally, there was the first appearance in Shanghai at one of the most influential and popular Coating Show.