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For starting with the perfect convertion of your sample or product request, it will be necessary to get as much information as available in the form below. We are glad to get these information from you and through this it will be possible for us to conform perfectly to your requirements from the beginning. Please fill out all underlined fields, to make sure that we can contact you.

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General information for use, varnish, coating, glue etc.

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5. Product properties

if known/necessary

6. Basis of the system



Not Ionogen

7. Solid amount

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8. Viscosity

Please fill in your required range of the viscosity in „mPas“ or „s” in addition to the method BF (BrookField) please write down the no. of the spindle and the revolutions per minute.

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9. pH value

Please fill in the required pH-Value or pH-Range.

Undergrounds / carrier material

paper, aluminium foil, liquids, textiles etc.

11. Applied quantity/weight

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12. Use / character of the final product

Type of packaging ex. foil, PE-beaker, etc.

13. Sealing-properties:

Sealing-properties to materials as following

14. Drying temperatures

Temperature data, length of the drying tunnel, speed of transport in the drying tunnel in m/min etc.

15. Plant and machinery

Type of plant, coating-plant etc. / machinery:

16. Seal-requirements

Seal-temperature/ time data / pressure etc.

17. Seal-seam-requirements

Values in N and conditions of sealing:

18. Block resistance

Please fill in the temperature and/or the required block resistance to materials you need:

19. Product resistance

shall be resist against water, steam, oil/fat, sterilisation etc.

20. Barrier properties

Barrier properties against water, steam, etc.

21. Data about the charge

Contact to liquids, solids, fatty products, comestibles, etc.

22. Company approach

Please list chemical substances or components which are forbidden for use in your products according to internal requirements, company requirements, etc.

23. Comestible requirements

Which comestible legistations/laws are required in your company for example FDA, EG, BfR, ResAP etc., please write down special paragraphs or limitations if necessary.

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