Good service starts with understanding a customer’s goals and requirements, and proposing recommendations for their implementation. This is the process by which a product, tailored to a customer’s needs, emerges in collaboration with him.

But even the perfect product is virtually useless if it is not available where and when needed. Production losses and costly downtimes can be the result when continuous material flows are not guaranteed.

We offer you the reliability of fast and flexible production and logistics. With our twelve different large-scale reactors, autoclaves with volumes of 3,000 to 19,000 liters, and over two million liters of storage capacity, we are capable of fulfilling your demands on short notice and even delivering modifications to existing products within just a few days.

Because perfect timing is just as important as development, we provide just-in-time delivery worldwide – in line with your requirements. We rely on a mix of transport options, depending on required volumes: From tank trucks and 1,000 liter containers, to 200- or 120-liter drums.

Tailored products and personalized service – both adapted to your needs: Not just empty words to us, but the foundation for reliable collaboration with our customers.