Many companies offer products. We offer solutions ‑ tailored to your individual needs. And we have been doing so since our company was established in 1978.

In the process, we make the seemingly impossible possible: Our emulsions and dispersions comprise liquids and solids which, like oil and water, are not actually miscible with one another. This physical behavior makes their use both versatile and interesting. Our customers include industrial partners from the paper, packaging, paints/coatings and leather industries, as well as others involved in technical applications such as anti-ballistic and banknote coatings. Each and every field of application demands a unique solution, and Trüb Emulsions Chemie helps you find it. In the search for more eco-friendly, practical and sustainable solutions, we never develop merely products, but also visions.

We make these visions reality together with our customers – with you.

Our partnership approach has made us known worldwide and led to innumerable product and process innovations, because we develop custom solutions based on the highest international standards with you and for you. Do not settle for compromises when viable, economical alternatives are open to you!



Our vision: We fully acknowledge the ecological, social and economic responsibility we bear for the future. Therefore, we focus on resource-saving technologies and cooperation based on partnership, both within our company and with all stakeholders, from suppliers to customers.

Our mission: Individual, practice-oriented solutions incorporating minimal resource consumption and maximum customer satisfaction.

Our guiding principles: We do not just talk about environmental protection, we practice it, throughout our company in everything from production to sales, and in our private lives. Water is life. We use water as the basis for our products, but never waste it.

Sustainability for us is an obligation. We minimize the “ecological backpack” of our production by employing the latest processes and minimizing material inputs. The primary objective of all company members is customer satisfaction, as achieved through competent, friendly and personal support.

Our customers are at the center of all our activities. We develop tailored solutions specifically for them. Our products represent our individual response to their inquiries. We conduct research and find solutions for them.